A beginners guide to minimalism

To get started

Just in the first minute I was like “hmmm tell me more”

Packing Party <-- Click

The best way to turn your life around overnight and start on your path to minimalism.

Further more you can turn the initial journey into a challenge

What makes a rich person rich? When I was a teenager I thought I had to earn $50,000 a year to be rich. Then when I started climbing the corporate ladder in my early twenties, I quickly began earning fifty grand. But something was wrong. I didn’t feel rich.

So I went back the to drawing board and discovered my error: I forgot to adjust for inflation. Maybe $75,000 a year was rich. Maybe $90,000. Maybe six figures. Or maybe owning a bunch of stuff—maybe that was rich.

Whatever rich was, I knew that once I got there, I’d finally be happy. So as I made more money, I spent more money, all in the pursuit of the American Dream. All in the pursuit of happiness. But the closer I got, the farther away happiness was.

– Ryan Nicodemus (The Minimalists)


The Dream

I call this the dream, because for most, this is what people strive for and I reference this to combat the image that being a minimalist will leave you living in a tent down by the river with nothing but a coat you’ve made out of discarded socks.


To Start

Golden Rules

  • Does it fit
  • Do I feel good in it
  • Can I put it in at least 4 outfits

To Carry On

Ten Item Wardobe

Project 333

More information

Some Inspiration

But don’t feel limited by the 3 month rule in this, it certainly doesn’t work in the UK, I like to refer to it as Project 33(11.5).

The Uniform <-- Click

Now the uniform is pretty much the easiest thing a guy can do so that he can look smart, get dressed without caring and have very few items in his wardrobe.

For my wife this took her from trying on 4-5 outfits every time we had to go anywhere to getting dressed in 10 minutes. Most importantly she is happy and feels good when we are out.

Remember and this is very important, minimalism isn’t about deprivation, it’s about having what you need, removing the excess so you can focus on the important and hopefully live a more meaningful and intentional life.

But more importantly as The Minimalists always say:

Love people, use things. Because the opposite never works