My Birthday Bass

So this Saturday (19th July) I turn 30, feel 40 but I turn 30. I wanted to commemorate this huge occasion with a special purchase and I though I know a bass, you know one of those things I buy and sell about 4 times a week. BUT NO! This one is special and I shall explain why.

Firstly it’s a lovely instrument it’s an American made Fender Precision out of the Fullerton factory, so that would make it built around the early 80’s, maybe around the time I was born??????

Well well well I was in luck, the goal really was to get a bass made on my birthday, something as old as me, most people strive for something the same year that they were born, I wanted a bit more specific.

Well here’s the neck, exactly 1 month to the day of my birthday


So I was like wow, that’s pretty good then I get to the next picture of the body.


Only bloody made 9 days before my birthday, so the way I figure it is for when it was built it would have taken roughly 9 days to be shipped to the UK, that’s near as dammit for me. So not only is it a USA Fender Precision probably the most versatile bass ever in a colour that works no matter the band situation it’s so frickin close to my date of birth it’s unreal.

So I jumped on it straight away a good 4 months before my birthday, but what was I to do, 4 months is a long time for gear to sit with me and while I’m good at not selling sentimental possessions this would only have that value if I got it for my birthday. Enter Brad over at Mojohand Fx who graciously took delivery of it, looked after it for near 4 months and then shipped it on to me, the man is a legend (also check out his pedals, they are killer).

Here are some more pics for those interested, it has a bit of wear here and there but far less than me.

So its now been professionally setup by Ged Green over in Cheadle and is sporting a lovely set of D’Addario Half Rounds

It’s going out for it’s first official outing tomorrow at my unofficial Birthday gig with The Christophers and while I have used it for the odd practice here and there (you’ve got to get use to these things) I can honestly say I have no regrets, from the first moment I saw it I loved it, I feel like a naughty school boy playing it before my birthday and I can’t wait to officially feel like it’s mine.

I’d like to thank all my friends and family who have contributed to the purchase of this very special instrument.